Potayto Potahto.Whatever works.

Abhishek Pitale
2 min readNov 30, 2020


The 4:30 pm sun in March makes you think why field hockey doesn’t have air-conditioned dressing rooms instead of the furnace called dugouts. The heat of the game can get you, if not the tropical weather, especially when you are tied at two goals each with the last quarter left.
All this, however, didn’t seem to penetrate our captains usual poker face. Must be a real thickhead we thought, or is really good at hiding frustration !
Our jumped up right wing kept pacing around and finally started the much awaited pep-talk, he goes “Guys it’s just like the friendly we played with them last week; we beat them once, sure as hell we can do it again. Don’t hold yourselves back . Like I always say ‘mediocrity is a sin’ we can’t just be happy with trying to stop there attacks, gotta pull up our socks, start hitting them at the post.”
He seemed the only one pumped up by this!

The time-out came to an end everyone huddled in for the last fight . Brows full of sweat, wanting to win but not knowing how to, and just as we raised our sticks to the war cry, skipper goes “boys even shit floats”.
Pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who thought -
Whose side is this knucklehead on ?
And what do you know, anger channelized can work miracles.

The witness to this? The 2018 South zone trophy.

Unconventional ways work wonders to get people out of their comfort zone, and why would you do that?
Because sometimes the end justifies the means ;)
Sometimes you got to be willing to take the risk of taking action that you know will reap fruit later whilst obviously having the confidence yourself that it’ll work :p
I mean it was equally possible that the team would’ve lost its cool and said screw this and that’s why most motivation is kept diplomatic in nature .
Well in his defense we were told earlier too that mediocrity is a sin but then it didn’t really sink in as much as the floating shit did!



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